Conference venue transport: The conference hosting venue is only 30 minutes’ drive (taxi cost about $15) from Huanghua International Airport and 20 minutes’ drive from Changsha Railway Station. The hotel provides picking up and regular coach services to the airport as well as to other major tourist destinations around the city.      

Huanghua International Airport: Huanghua International Airport is a convenient facility for arrivals and departures domestically and internationally. It has frequent flights connecting Changsha to most major cities in China. It takes about 2 hours flying from Beijing to Changsha, 2 hours from Shanghai and 1 hour from Guangzhou. The airport provides cheap coach services to the city center with only about $3 for a single trip.

High-speed train: The high-speed train network is developing rapidly for the past few years. It takes only 6 hours now from Beijing to Changsha, 7 hours from Shanghai and 3 hours from Guangzhou.

Local transport: Changsha has an efficient network of taxis and buses to get delegates wherever they need to go quickly and conveniently. Especially with the newly-finished underground lines, it makes the transportation even more conveniently.

Changsha Maglev Express: The newly opened Chins’s first domestically-developed maglev train line stretches over 18.55 kilometers and runs between Changsha Huanghua International Airport and the high-speed railway station Changsha South Railway Station.

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